Revitalize your mind, body and spirit with a massage, facial or reiki session.
Enjoy a FREE 1/2 hour when you book your first service.
Offer includes aromatherapy, muscle treatment, hot towel, heating pad and bed warmer.
We'd love you to experience total relaxation.
This was my first time here. Roza was amazing. Hit all my trigger points. I had a great experience and will definitely go back. Besides the massage, she also added some stretches which hurt but well worth the pain.
Anthony P.
Roza is the best, and at a very reasonable price! I was recommended to her by my OBGYN for pregnancy massage and cannot tell you how much she has helped me stay comfortable and active! She really listens and adjusts to my needs and comfort level. I have had multiple prenatal massages with Roza, all of them leave me feeling like a new woman. I even got my husband, who was a massage virgin, to try her out for his sciatica issues, he is now hooked and goes regularly. Roza also modified a facial for me during my pregnancy, she's seriously the best and so knowledgeable. Like the poster below said, I am almost afraid for more people know how awesome she is for fear that she will get so busy!

Anne C.
"I love love LOVE this place. Facilities are always super clean, the staff are friendly and the class schedule is by far the most comprehensive I've seen anywhere. I always look forward to coming here every day before work!!"

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